Peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) training Manica

As the PBMC processing will be performed at the reference laboratory of the Chimoio Hospital Provincial for all site within the Manica Province/ Mozambique, 2 lab staff (Elias Quipsson Medja and Armando António) were trained at CISPOC/INS/Maputo from the 26th August to 05th September 2019. These were the second group trained at CISPOC, which has a large experience in PBMC processing. The trained was facilitated by CISPOC team led by Dra. Raquel Matavele, Mirna Mutombene, Eduardo Namalango and Celso Castiano.

After completion, the participants received a certificate and returned home to share obtained knowledge.

Posted in Training on Sep 10, 2019