COVID-19 Pandemic

The world is facing a global health crisis that is spreading so quickly to almost every continent, the COVID-19 pandemic, an enormous infectious disease, also known as the coronavirus pandemic.

This pandemic urges all partners countries to implement stringent measures to prevent the occurrence or control the spread of the virus.

LIFE study team strongly recommends the implementation of social distancing measures together with the measures recommended by each local government. Additional visits by study staff should be:

  • Limited in time and duration as much as possible.
  • Only done by the same external study nurse per study site to limit interaction.
  • All external (and if possible local) study staff should ware PPM masks – even locally made, and have apply to hand disinfectant hygiene.

The coronavirus pandemic may impact on LIFE’s project activities, resulting in delays in its implementation, so we are monitoring the situation closely and observing any measures implemented at the country and institution level.

We feel deeply for those already directly affected by this outbreak and we wish you good health. Be safe.

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Posted in News on Mar 10, 2020